Turnaround Times by Item

For an estimated completion date, please look for your Order Date below. Please be sure to reference the appropriate list, as orders with handmade bottoms, jumpers, and bubbles follow a different timeline. While we always strive to meet the timelines below, please remember these are Approximate Dates. You will be contacted if we are experiencing significant delays. 

For Orders containing Handmade Bottoms, Jumpers, or Bubbles:

Order Date:                                                Approximate Completion:

February 21-27                                          Week of May 2

February 28-March 6                                 Week of May 9

March 7-13                                                Week of May 16

March 14-20                                              Week of May 23

March 21-27                                              Week of May 30

March 28-April 3                                       Week of June 6

April 4-10                                                 Week of June 13

April 11-17                                                 Week of June 20

April 18-24                                                Week of June 27

April 25-May 1                                           Week of July 4

For Orders containing Dear Emmaline shirts or the following brands with embroidery added: FlapHappy, Squiggles, WeeOnes, Zuccini:

Order Date:                                                  Approximate Completion:

March 28-April 3                                          Week of April 25

April 4-10                                                    Week of May 2

April 11-17                                                    Week of May 9

April 18-24                                                   Week of May 16

April 25-May 1                                              Week of May 23